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Classes and Demonstrations

Allow us to help you develop a passionate relationship with cooking.  If you’re interested in cultivating your creativity in the kitchen, we have the tools and skills to assist you.  We love talking food and we love to make it fun!

Expand your food preparation skills with one of our Culinary Classes.  We’ve got your tastebuds in mind with specially designed menus to please all palates from vegetarians to vegans to meat-eaters.  We meet the needs of today’s most discriminating diners.

How It Works:

  1. Fill out our Registration Form
  2. On the date of your event, we’ll arrive with EVERYTHING.  We just need your kitchen.
  3. We’ll teach you and your guests how to prepare the items on your menu
  4. You eat!
  5. We clean-up!

You and your guest can nibble on tasty appetizers while Chef Jim demonstrates how to prepare your desired menu.  We take care of everything.  We come to you in your home.  You relax and enjoy a private cooking lesson.


Group of 2 —-  $125.00
Group of 4 —-  $225.00  ($56.25 per person)
Group of 6 —-  $325.00  ($54.16 per person)
Group of 8 —-  $425.00  ($53.12 per person)

If you have a larger group, just let us know and we’ll price it accordingly.  Any special requests should be included on your registration form.

Seasonal Cooking Classes  are offered so we’re always eating in alignment with Nature.  Now offering Spring!

Cooking Classes Ideas:

  • Seriously Sushi – In this first class, we’ll cover everyone from making the perfect rice to recipes for sushi’s most popular sauces (spicy mayo, eel sauce & more).  Everyone has a hands-on veggie roll-making, cutting, plating and saucing rolls.  You’ll leave recipes to take home and resources for purchasing sushi-making supplies. For more information about what a sushi party entails, click here. For sushi party sample menus and pricing, click here.
  • Vegetarian Cuisine – At Culinary Architects, we love to offer and serve delicious and affordable vegetarian comfort food to our diverse community of customers. We strive to provide a wide range of options for vegetarians, vegans and omnivores alike in order to promote healthier choices in a fast-food world. We are committed to serving wholesome homemade meals that everyone can enjoy. 
  • Cooking with Fresh Herbs – Dried herbs certainly have their place in the kitchen, especially when the home cook is caught off guard. However, once you start using fresh herbs, you’ll never want go back to using just the dried varieties again. One of nature’s little surprise packages, fresh herbs pack a big flavor punch. Get a lesson in what herbs look like and how to use them with this exclusive cooking classes with Chef Jim Rock from Culinary Architects.
  • Understanding Real Barbecue – Chef Jim Rock, also known as “The man with the Big Ass Pan”  takes his years of experience and teaches  the Bible of making true barbecue sauces. Jim knows that a barbecue sauce isn’t something that comes from a bottle and isn’t something slathered all over everything. Real barbecue sauces are used over hours from start to finish in any real barbecue experience. This class gives you not only tons of great recipes but the understanding and skills you need to venture out on your own.
  • Cool Soups & Awesome Salads

Nourish your body, mind and spirit with foods that feel good.