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 Hosting a cocktail party out of your home is intimate and charming but can sometimes be a source of great stress. The truth is that a little bit of    planning and preparation can go a long way. Who wants to spend the party worrying about things like running to get more ice or salvaging burnt    hors d’oeuvres?  With Culinary Architects, that will never be the case. There will definitely be any burnt hors d’oeuvres!

Whether your event is big or small, fancy or casual, every detail is planned meticulously through Culinary Architects.  We offer a diverse menu of  cold hors d’oeuvres or
hot hors d’oeuvres for just about any scale event: home intimate cocktail parties, grand openings, weddings, rehearsal  dinners, media events, bridal showers or couple’s showers and much more!

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