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tea party 2Over time and distance, high and low teas have made a few changes. Surprisingly, England is on the decline with this type of service.  However, they have begun to incorporate healthier foods as well as an Asian influence to rejuvenate this long-standing tradition.

Low Tea is typically served from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm.   The new and traditional style of service has become quite popular in the US.  Variations in the US include offering fresh fruit (strawberries with a strawberry tea) and a variety of cream teas.  Vegetarian options are also more common than in the past.

Indian and Ceylon black teas ruled  the tea party scene for many years.  Herbal tea (tisanes) and green tea are much more readily.  Asian-fusion dishes besides chicken curry sandwiches pop up on menus every now and then.

Culinary Architects offers a Low Tea experience by providing a variety of custom choices for your late afternoon gatherings with elegant small meals to hold you over until dinner.


Please contact Chef Jim to have your Low Tea menu service specifically created for you atea time 3nd your guests.